Gifter Testing/IQ Testing



What is a Gifted Child?

Each child is gifted in his or her own unique way. However, for the school system, a Gifted Child means that the child meets certain criteria in terms of his or her cognitive capacities.

What is the Gifted Testing process?

Gifted testing requires administration of an IQ test, followed by a report from the evaluating psychologist. Depending on your child's age at the time of testing, there are a few tests which may be used. The usual length of time for administration is between 1 to 2 hours, depending on your child. Only a licensed psychologist is qualified to administer, score, and interpret these tests.

What is the required score and cutoff for Gifted Programs?

At this time, in Miami-Dade public schools, the required score for entry into a Gifted Program is 130 IQ.

Will insurance cover this expense?

Most insurances do not provide coverage for Gifted/IQ Testing.

What is the fee for Gifted/IQ Testing?

The fee for Gifted/IQ Testing is $400. This includes the testing session, scoring, interpretation, and a Miami-Dade Public School compliant report, along with a brief explanation of the test results to the parents. 

I've decided to test my child. How should we prepare for the testing session?

Many parents ask what they should tell their child about testing. Dr. Shaked recommends that you tell your child that we will be meeting to work with puzzles, games, blocks, and words. Encourage your child to do his or her best, but also remind him or her that this will be a lot of fun!

The length of time required for administration is between

1 to 2 hours, depending on your child's speed and his/her needs for breaks. Please allow up to 2 hours, should your child require more time or need more breaks.

In addition, please consider the following:

  • Rest - Please make sure your child is well-rested, and that he or she has slept sufficiently in the night preceding the day of testing.
  • Nutrition - It is essential that your child be well-nourished prior to testing. Please provide a satisfying meal before testing, and please bring snacks and a drink for your child to re-energize with during breaks.
  • Time of Day - It is best to test your child at the time of day when he/she is usually most alert and energetic. Please schedule the testing session during such time frames.
  • Location - In certain cases, Dr. Shaked may agree to test in your home. Please call Dr. Shaked to discuss this issue further.




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